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A talk with Andre & Natalie Paramonov

Getting to know these World Class International Latin Champions!


1. When did you both realize you had a talent for dancing?

Andre: This is a good one! We are flattered some consider that we have one, LOL.! I guess when you are trying to sing your heart out a beautiful song and everyone around suggests you should stick to your dancing, maybe that tells you that you do at least one thing better then the other, LOL!  And that is how my childhood dream of becoming Luciano Pavarotti has ended . . . LOL!

Natalie: Andre, truly, it tells you that you have no talent in singing and still questionable in dancing. Ha-ha!

Andre: But on a serious note, we believe, all of us are born and blessed with talent and natural ability to do pretty much anything if you put your mind into. Since we remember, we always had a passion for dancing and looking back, it is impossible to stamp a date on when it began. Now it almost seems that we were born with it.

2. Any other careers that you also have besides professional dancers?

Andre: Failed professional tenor, LOL!

Natalie: Shower walls can take it, but I feel for  our poor neighbors. But to be honest,  dancing is what we live and breath every day! We had many interesting opportunities and many knocking at our door, but we are trying to keep ourselves focused and would not want to take it into serious consideration not to interfere with our dance career.

3. You both travel so much; what are some of your favorite places?

Andre: For me, any place where Natalie is!

Natalie: Score! Score! Score! One of the places that we always look forward to visit is Japan.  It never fails to impress with its colorful lifestyle, people, food, fashion. Extremely exciting, hip, and modern, with crazy advanced technology, and at the same time culturally rich and very traditional It is fascinating in it's cohesive coexistence!

Andre: Fascinating bit of technology that we Americans must jump on is . . . heated toilet seats. You'll be a fan too if you'll try.

4. Who is the person that has influenced your dancing the most?

Natalie: Definitely Andre!

Andre: Score! Score! Score! Wait! Do you mean in a good way? Because I always get blamed for anything and everything!

Natalie: Relax, yes in a good way! You do not need my explanation Andre, you know what I think about you, LOL!

Andre: Why do I still have a funny feeling about it? Ha-ha. There is a saying that eyes are window to your soul and we'll risk to say that our dancing  is a reflection of who we are. With that said, so every encounter with good and bad in our life, with good and great teachers and coaches, friends, family, laid a print and shaped us into who you see on a floor as performers and individuals, and we are grateful and thankful for and to all of them!

5. We know how the music can help in one’s performance, but is there a relationship between fashion, what you're wearing in a performance, and the performance itself?

Andre & Natalie: Of couse, we strongly believe in it! There is a connection, maybe not as obvious clear or direct on Ballroom dance competition verses showdance, but there should be one to help - there should be a connection in direct relationship to get initial idea across as clear as possible.

The greatest dance organ is your brain and to awake a true emotion any stimulation is good, whether it is a beautiful lingerie (God Bless Victoria's secret) could lead to rumble in a bedroom, sizzling latin dress that raises blood pressure of the audience members, or stunning, elegant ballroom gown that makes "Cinderella" truly shine.

6. If you weren't a dancer what would you both be?

Andre & Natalie: God works in mysterious ways. We both love all aspects of life and love living it to the fullest! We see creative and artistic side in each other as well as competitive and athletic, so who knows what would have stars planned for us.

7. Best way you find to relax and unwind?

Natalie: I’m sorry, what is relax? And who ever has a chance and luxury to unwind in this non-stop world, and especially the world of Ballroom dancing? LOL!

Andre: Oh here we go again!!! See what I am dealing with? Natalie is a complete workaholic! But, I must admit she started opening up to the idea that we should have a little time for ourselves to unwind. And one day I sincerely hope she will consider to have 3 day vacation instead of 2, Ha-ha, LOL!

Natalie: You are pushing it!

Andre: But to be honest with you, we live in paradise . . . within minutes reach of ocean and most beautiful beaches in the world, so a day on Boca Raton beach is more then I can ask for.

8. What are some of your travel ‘Must Haves’?

Natalie: If there is one travel tip that we can pass on, besides the obvious (good book, iPad, documents, Andre….),  when you fly to the competition pack your costumes, dance shoes, and make up into your carry on. You'll be glad you did, when your checked- in bags do not arrive for whatever reason in your final destination.

9. What advice you would give to a student looking for improvement in the American Smooth style of dance?

Andre & Natalie: Never stop learning! Be over prepared, to be able to let go at the performance and enjoy to the fullest, staying true to yourself!

10. Can you share something adorable about your partner that we would not know?

Natalie: Andre is the most kind and the most caring person, with very witty sense of humor! He is also fabulous cook!!!! So I must say, when we are at home, I dine in 5 star Andre Paramonov's restaurant! From presentation to the taste everything screams genius!!!

Andre: Score! Score! Score! Ever so nice to hear, but it is completely untrue! The little that I cook, lucky for me, fits Natalie's taste buds, and let's be honest, Natalie will take anytime box of chocolates (Godiva dark, for any fans who are reading) over my cooking! She definitely does not need it!

Natalie: Andre what are you trying to say?

Andre: Oh you girls! Not what you thought, but that you are super sweet, sweeter then any chocolates! Most kind! Incredibly beautiful, soft and gentle soul! She is my other half and it says everything!

Andre & Natalie: To our fans - Hope you enjoyed it!


Scenes from Andre and Natalie’s Latin Show Dance



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