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Riverfront DanceSport Festival, Covington, KY

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Prizes & Awards


Note: For Scholarship Categories, competitors must be entered in the same single dance events. If less than 3 contestants participate, the organizer reserves the right to combine age levels and divisions. Prize money may also be pro-rated.

Closed Scholarship Categories

  1. Closed Bronze American Rhythm - 3 dance
  2. Closed Silver American Rhythm - 3 dance
  3. Closed Bronze American Smooth - 3 dance
  4. Closed Silver American Smooth - 3 dance
  5. Closed Bronze International Standard - 3 dance
  6. Closed Silver International Standard - 3 dance
  7. Closed Bronze International Latin - 3 dance
  8. Closed Silver International Latin - 3 dance

Closed Scholarship Awards

  1. $100
  2. $75
  3. $50

Open Scholarship Categories

  1. Open American Rhythm -  5 dance
  2. Open American Smooth - 4 dance
  3. Open International Standard - 5 dance
  4. Open International Latin - 5 dance

Open Scholarship Awards

  1. $125
  2. $100
  3. $75

Youth Amateur Open Scholarship Awards

  1. $75
  2. $50
  3. $25

Teacher’s $$$ Pot of Gold $$$

Teacher's $$$ Pot of Gold $$$ - Teachers, we value the contribution you
bring to our competition, and we want to reward you for supporting The
Riverfront Dancesport Festival. Qualifying teachers will receive  $$$
CASH BACK $$$ based on the number of paid adult Pro/Am entries danced.

Please see the Rules/Policies page for details on Pot of Gold incentives for teachers.

Top Student Awards

An award will be presented to the Top Newcomer, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Amateur Couple.  Calculations are based on number of entries and placement points.

Top Studio Awards

An award will be presented to the Top 3 Studios.  Calculations are based on the number of packages, entries, and placement points.

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