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2020 Registration & Entry Forms

Registration Info

Registration and entry forms should be completed and sent in as soon as possible. Please make check payable to the “Riverfront Dancesport Festival”. Completed forms and payment should be mailed to :

Riverfront Dancesport Festival
7227 Edenborough Court
Lancaster, OH 43130

If there are any questions on registration, please call the registrar Brenda Burger at:


or send email to:

You may also fax completed registration and entry forms to Brenda at:


but payment will need to be sent to above mail address, along with a copy of the same completed registration and entry forms.

If there’s a problem contacting the Registrar, you may use the following phone number for general info.

    614-204-0196 (8am-8pm ET)

Downloadable Registration & Entry Form Documents

* Early Rewards entry deadline: To Qualify and earn additional Points, entries and payment must be received by the Early Rewards entry deadline Dec. 15th, 2019. The Standard entry deadline is December 31st, 2019.

Notice - Forms listed below are for 2020. If any questions,
please contact Brenda using contact info below.

(Please click to download - in PDF format)

  1. Waiver/Release Form (Please sign and send in with other forms below.)
  2. General Admission Ticket Form
  3. American Style Pro/Am & Am/Am Entry Form
  4. American Style Rhythm Compulsory Scholarship Entry Form
  5. International Style Pro/Am & Am/Am Entry Form
  6. Pro/Am and Amateur Solo Scholarship Entry Form
  7. Pro/Am and Amateur Formation Exhibition Entry Form
  8. Summary Form
  9. Competitor Entry Fees and Package Pricing Form (see note below)


Note: Competitor Entry fees and Package Pricing Form is password protected. For those registrants who need this information, please send email to:

or call


to request the password information.


* Please review Rules/Policies page prior to submitting your entry forms.


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